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inspire me now (Szymon Błaszczyk's inspiration log)

Henderson Bridge in Singapore

kitsch strikes back: Millenium Falcon Bed by Kayla Kromer

Bakery Calendar ;)

Phantom Bike by Olli Erkkila

Buddha Shaped Pears


“mega storage capacity”

clever Yellowpages adv

Limousine by Wouter Mijland. (via preik)

designed by Nathalia Ponomareva

Rubik’s Cube-sandwich

Spiral wine cellars

Ink Calendar by Oscar Diaz

Sears Tower’s 1353-foot high glass balconies

David Sykes’ Light Breakfast

KFC is plain crazy :) (via Arturo de Albornoz)

Pratesi Guitar Backpack

hell street - crazy street art by Edgar Mueller in the German town of Geldern

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